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Would You Rather: Bentley Edition

Ladies, we all know that Would You Rather has been a favorite of girls everywhere for years. This year, we would like to present our very first Would You Rather: Bentley Edition! Gather all your friends and play this Bentley-specific game… you never know what they might say!

Would you rather…

  • Jump in the Bentley pond and swim 2 laps OR run back and forth from Upper to Lower 4 times?
  • Take GB 112 again OR take GB 320 again?
  • Live in the Boylston Attic OR live on North Campus?
  • Only eat Seasons’ (The 921) omelets for a year OR live off only Lacava soup for a year?
  • Be hit by the Bentley Shuttle OR take all your finals on the same day?
  • Only be able to walk up the Smith Stairs OR slide down the hill on your butt?
  • Hook up in the Bentley Library OR hook up on the Adamain roof?
  • Get locked in a library study room OR get locked in a Smith classroom?
  • Have your dress lifted up on the Smith Stairs OR have your pants pulled down on the Smith Stairs?
  • Be a freshman forever OR be a senior forever?
  • Live at Bentley forever and graduate with your degree OR never graduate from Bentley at all?

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