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Which Spotify Playlists to Try

Whether you are studying for midterms or in need of a spring break playlist, Spotify has anything you need to get the party started. Try out these playlists if you’re in need of some new songs!

1. Today’s Top Hits

This playlist is perfect for staying up to date on the latest songs from any genre. The playlist focuses on pop music, however other genres like ED and country are also included. Spotify updates this playlist often, making sure that you will always be listening to the latest music.

2. All Out 00s

This playlist is essential for listening to the top throwback hits. Some songs include “Hollaback Girl,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and a nice touch of Miley Cyrus with “Party in the USA.” This playlist is great for jamming out with your friends on a random Wednesday night and, might I add, perfect to work out to.

3. 59th GRAMMY Awards

Did you miss the GRAMMY’s? No need to fret! This playlist will catch you up on all of the music that you missed.

4. Workout

Still going strong with your New Year’s resolution? Or perhaps you just need a little bit of encouragement. This is the playlist for you! With fast-beat songs, you’ll want to get on that elliptical and kill a few hundred calories.

5. New Music Friday

Sick of the same old songs? Need new music instantly? Look no further! New Music Friday is released with about 75 new hit songs each week.

6. Daily Lift

This playlist is a blend of top hits and songs that haven’t had any fame yet. This playlist is perfect if you need new music but would also like to hear a blend of top hits.

7. Dance Pop

If you’re into ED then this playlist is for you! Hear the latest ED songs on this playlist, which is updated regularly with roughly 70 songs.

8. Study Break

Tired of studying for midterms? Listen to this playlist when you need to get your mind off of the material. This playlist includes many of today’s top hits with a mixture of some slower songs to allow you to unwind.

Photo Sources: 1/2/3 (courtesy of Pexels)

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