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What I’m Prioritizing This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

As a college student, summer is the only time of year where I’m not stressed out, buried in homework, and behind on sleep. So, its the perfect time to priortize the things that I dont have the time to during the school year. Here are a few things that I am focusing on this summer.

My Skin

During the school year, my skin is at its worst. Between wearing makeup all the time to forgetting to do my skincare after a night out, my acne is at its peak. In the summer, there isn’t much need to wear makeup and I will definitely have the time to do my skincare right. Instead of makeup, I’ll be wearing extra sunscreen and making sure to wear a hat at the beach. Protecting my skin along with all that vitamin D, I am hoping my skin will recover from the school year.

My Workout Schedule

This semester, I had to completely abandon my workout schedule. The Bentley gym is not my favorite place (for obvious reasons), and driving to a gym 15 minutes away every day got to be way too much. So I am excited to be able to get back on a schedule this summer. My goal is to wake up early and get my day started with a workout, whether it be lifting weights, hot girl walks, or pilates. Getting into a good routine will not only make my body stronger, but will make me feel better in general.

My Wardrobe

Out with the old and in with the new! With the semester winding down, I have already started my closet cleanout and donated a bunch of clothes. But I still have a long way to go. Once I get through everything, I want to get a bunch of “capusle pieces”. Classic white shirts, nice jeans without rips, cute sweaters and fun sneakers that I can switch up and wear year round. That way I have nice clothes that I can wear any season. And the best part: classic pieces never get old!

My Relationships

Like I said, the school year is so busy. And unfortunately, that can take a toll on relationships, especially with people who you don’t see everyday. This summer, I want to strenghten those relationships in the absence of a stressful and busy schedule. I want to go to the beach, go on walks, or get dinner to build on those relationships that don’t get as much attention during the semester. I value my friends and my relationships with them, and I want them to know that!

Trying/Seeing New Things

Its easy to slip into the same old routine at school. But during the summer, every day can look different and that is what I am aiming for! I have plans to visit some friends who live in places I have never been to. I am excited to be able to see and experience some new places! I also want to try to see new things in my own city. There are so many new restaurants I want to try and parts of town I want to explore. Hopefully I’ll be able to check some things off my list this summer!

Whatever you want to prioritize this summer, go for it!

Serena Longo

Bentley '24

Hi! My name is Serena and I am a sophomore at Bentley University. I like to write about makeup, food and fashion. Outside of writing, I love to shop, read, go out with friends, and teach dance!