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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Kids these days seem to be growing up faster than ever. Nothing blew my mind more than the ten year old I babysit asking me to “follow his finsta” on Instagram. I can only hope that the kids of 2017 will be able to recall making up games and playing with memorable toys from their childhood. To refresh your own memory, here are a few iconic items that, as 90s babies, we all know and love.


Silly Bands

Trade ya a duck for a pig!


Moon Sand

There was something oddly satisfying about watching infomercials of kids squishing Moon Sand between their fingers like they were having the time of their lives.




Nothing said “cool kid” like the number of Jibbitz you had on your Crocs.



If you didn’t wash and feed this thing every day, your Nintendo DS would warn you that you were neglecting your precious pet. Genius business tactic, Nintendo.


Cosmic Brownies

The best way for your mom to say “I love you” was packing a cosmic brownie in your lunch.



It’s amazing that we could spend hours competing to see who could “skip-it” the fastest. Not to mention that tripping over this toy made for some gnarly bruises.


Lite Brite

The simple art of placing brightly colored pegs in a board to pass the time.


The Hover Disc

As long as it wasn’t stuck in a tree, this humongous Frisbee was pretty monumental.


Silly Putty

I can’t even comprehend how this product was so successful. But I loved it.


Clip-on reading lights

In case we direly needed to find out what happened to Junie B. Jones after our parents told us it was bedtime.



The value of stuffed animals changed drastically once they came with an online code.


Slap Bracelets

Our teachers probably wanted schools to ban these after hearing them slap on our wrists all day.



Public places actually did ban these.



Nothing required more patience than weaving a commendable gimp bracelet.



Also known as “drinkable yogurt”


Lincoln Logs

For the architect in everyone.



We quickly learned to ration the icing.



I will never understand how adults created actual art on these



Somehow these were loveable, rather than giving us nightmares.



What is better than watching the same 3 SpongeBob episodes over and over?


Hubba Bubba tape gum

Finally there was a way to give people that we didn’t actually like a smaller piece of gum if they asked us for some.



Messing up in this game was a crushing blow for about 3 minutes.


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