Tyler Currie '18

Name: Tyler Currie

Class: 2018

Major: Finance

Hometown: North Reading, MA

Her Campus Bentley: What’s the Tyler Currie starter pack?

Tyler Currie: Nike, Titleist hat, 5 Gum, and borrowing a friend’s Juul


HCB: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

TC: Tried French fries and ranch. It was disgusting.


HCB: Favorite girls’ sport?

TC: Rugby; I like girls with grit


HCB: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

TC: I tried yoga one time and got torn to shreds by my friends but I didn't care cuz I wanna get sculpted


HCB: Favorite fact?

TC: Real men do yoga


HCB: Favorite pickup line?

TC: Can I take a Snap of us?


HCB: Celeb crush?

TC: My celebrity crush is Carrie Underwood, who recently overtook Hannah Jeter because Hannah Jeter had a kid. Wait, did Carrie Underwood have a kid? I feel like she did…


HCB: What would you do for Patriots tickets?

TC: I would give up the use of my left hand for an entire month for Patriots tickets.


HCB: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TC: In 10 years I'd like to say I'll have 3 huge-ass houses, a yacht, and 4 cars—but realistically I'll probably only have 1 huge-ass house (not including the lake house), a small boat, 2 cars, and a dog