Transitioning to Apartment Style Living at Bentley

After living dorm style and suite style for two years and finally getting an eating, sleeping and studying schedule down, it’s time to shake things up by transitioning to apartment style! Here’s everything that changes when you move up the ladder of adulting:


1.) You finally get used to living with eight people where the room is always loud and things are always happening—and then you move to a room with four people. Now the room is significantly quieter, and you genuinely miss the craziness and anarchy of living with seven other people.

2.) Having to cook for yourself creates a major shock to your schedule. While it’s exciting to finally be able to make food for yourself and not get food poisoning from Seasons at least once a month, having to factor an hour into food preparation is something that many don’t speak about. After coming home at 9:20 from a weekday night bomb, having to make a full dinner is not exactly the first thing you want to do.

3.) While in this vein: being able to make your own food is awesome, but you won’t realize all of the socializing you’re missing out on by not sitting at Seasons (which, not to mention, was a major source of people watching).


4.) Running out of discresh is no longer an artificial concern. While $750 may seem like a lot of discresh, when you’re getting LaCava salads and sandwiches for $6-$10 every day, it’s time to bring back those Bentley budgeting skills from GB 112/212.


5.) Food shopping is a new beast to tackle. Going to the grocery store while living in Trees or Forest was fun—because you probably went once or twice a month to get fun snacks to help you through those late-night study sessions. But now you actually have to buy real food. Like an adult. And plan your meals. And set aside a time every week to do an expensive food shop for things you don’t even really like (*cough* every vegetable ever *cough*).

6.) There are always dishes to do. Even after you’ve finished cleaning the sink full of dishes that you haven’t even used most of, ten other dishes mysteriously appear. Amazing. Too bad this can’t happen with Oreos.

7.) You will go through an insane amount of paper towels.


8.) You now get to have amazing Mexican nights with your friends, filled with limitless tacos and lots of laughs.


9.) Living apartment style is another major step towards actually being an adult. Give yourself a pat on the back because you’re now becoming a functioning human adult! And now you’re realizing your mom was right about pretty much everything, and you gain a whole new level of respect for everything she does for you.




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