Thoughts When Filling Out Bentley’s Study Abroad Application

As many of you Falcons may know, the study abroad application for next year is due this Wednesday. So here are some GIFs portraying the struggle of getting it submitted in time.

When the application is due tomorrow and you just started working on it

When you are overwhelmed with way too many options in choosing a program

…And when you finally pick a program, and can’t think of which one you want for your backup

When you pick a program, but decide to change your mind at the last second

When you—on top of everything—can’t decide who to ask for a faculty recommendation

When you are trying to think of a valid excuse for wanting to go a certain semester (and internship can’t be an option)

When you get to a question in the Study Abroad 101 quiz that you don’t know the answer to

When you’re tired of writing about yourself so much 

When you give up and just push “submit”

Waiting to hear back

No matter what, though, knowing your abroad experience is going to be unforgettable regardless of where you wind up going!




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