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Thoughts Every Student Has When it Rains at Bentley

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” This statement has definitely been true over the past few days at Bentley. When it starts to pour on campus, there are a few things that run through every student’s mind. 


1.) After days of hanging out on the Greenspace with your friends enjoying the near-summer weather, you wake up expecting another beautiful day…only to look out your window and see that you are entirely wrong. Biggest. Disappointment. Ever.


2.) Yep, it’s definitely raining and you are in no way mentally prepared. Smith Stairs in the pouring rain? No thanks.


3.) Class is in 20 minutes, but all you can think about is your extreme urge to watch Netflix and stay inside all day.


4.) Seriously, why does it have to rain so much in New England?


5.) You have to pull yourself together, but what are you going to wear? Time to pull out the umbrella, raincoat, and Bean Boots.


6.) You’re dressed in your best water-resistant clothing, but now it’s time for the dreaded walk (more like swim) to class.


7.) When you arrive to class and ask yourself, “Why did I even bother doing my hair and makeup today?”


8.) Classes are done for the day and now it’s time to go to Seasons and grab some dinner. Wait…is that a waterfall next to the Boylston buildings?!


9.) Finally drying off and settling down in your dorm for the night.


10.) *Checks weather app* It’s going to rain again tomorrow?



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