There’s a Cookie Dough Café in NYC

Remember baking cookies when you were little and secretly licking the cookie dough off the spoon when your mother wasn’t looking? For everyone who has always had a slight cookie dough obsession, there is now a cookie dough café called DŌ open in Greenwich, New York. It’s basically structured like an ice cream shop, but instead of scooping out bowls of ice-cream, they scoop out cookie dough! The store was created by a woman named Kristin Tomlan, who got the idea of creating a cookie dough café after going out with her friends on a girl’s weekend to buy cookies and realizing that they would all rather eat the dough. 

The store has an array of different flavors, including classics such as chocolate chip and sugar cookie. The owners are continually trying to create more and more unique flavors, such as their seasonal red velvet and Hershey’s kisses batter. It gets better though. Not only do they have cookie dough, but they also have cookie dough-based fudges, pies, sundaes, and brownies.

All the recipes are homemade and safe to eat because they use a pasteurized egg product that prevents any chance of customers catching salmonella (the heat actually kills any harmful bacteria to allow you to eat the dough unbaked and perfect). They also use a heat-treated, ready-to-bake flour that further prevents any potential illnesses. Now you can finally fight the usual excuse of too much cookie dough being dangerous and find a safe place to eat it! 

Basically, the whole place seems like a dessert wonderland where you can finally indulge in your favorite childhood guilty pleasure with no shame. I definitely know that if I ever go to New York, I am stopping by DŌ!.


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