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One of my favorite books EVER is “The Words I Wish I Said” by Caitlin Kelly. She manages to describe what I’m feeling when not even I know what I’m feeling. Even though these are her own words, her own feelings, her own thoughts, they resonate so much with me, and probably thousands of other people too.

In the blurb, she writes how these were not all the words she wishes she said. In fact most of these words she wishes she didn’t write, but the fact that she did shows her bravery. It shows her acceptance of what happened. It shows change.

Sometimes, we all need to find the courage within us to just be honest with ourselves. Not let these words replay in our minds as a “what if” situation. That’s the key to healing. 

Whether it be to others, or to myself, here are some of the words I wish I said:

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  1. Even if you broke my heart into tiny little pieces, I’d still never talk shit about you. 
  2. Je te veux toujours
  3. I’m not mad. I’m just hurt.
  4. I support you and any decision you make, even if that means hurting me. 
  5. Should’ve stuck with my gut instinct I guess
  6. Do you mind?
  7. There’s a difference between living and existing.
  8. It’s okay to cry when there’s too much on your mind.
  9. Just because people have bigger problems than me, it doesn’t mean mine are irrelevant.
  10. Honestly, I think the saddest sound ever is the crack in a person’s voice when they’re on the verge of tears.
  11. Everyday, I fight the urge to call you or text you, telling myself that if you wanted to talk to me… you would.
  12. Half the time I cry is because my head is making up all these assumptions that are not even true but I tend to believe that they are.
  13. I like my music so loud, I can’t hear my thoughts.
  14. When I’m sad, please don’t ask me what’s wrong. Just hug me. 
  15. You are my first morning thought, my last evening sign and every imaginable thing in between.
  16. I’d be his, if he asked.
  17. Everything reminds me of you.
  18. I wonder what you say about me when I’m not around. 
  19. I don’t hate you. I just lost all my respect for you.
  20. Dear sidewalk, please get wider. Sincerely, third friend walking behind feeling excluded.
  21. Hey! Good Morning. 
  22. Of course I liked you. Wasn’t it obvious?
  23. What was I to you?
  24. Or ignore me… thats cool too.
  25. Do you still think about me like I think about you?
Alyssa Galin

Bentley '27

hii I'm Alyssa! I'm from New York City and absolutely love to travel and spend time outdoors. I'm currently a freshman at Bentley University and am planning to major in Corporate Finance and Accounting. I love taking photos of anything and everything. I'm super artsy and also a huge cat person. I love music as well, if you have suggestions let me know on insta! @alyssa.track :)