Scandal Season Six: 6 Burning Questions

The day we’ve all been waiting for is *almost* here, gladiators! On January 19th at 9 PM, SCANDAL IS BACK!

After about 6 Scandal-less months, ABC finally released the promo video for the show’s 6th season. After watching the 30-second clip over and over again, here are the questions that we hope will be answered when Scandal is finally back for #TGIT.


1. WHO WINS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION? This is in all caps because it is a very important question. Will Mellie Grant and Olivia Pope succeed? Or will Eli Pope’s evil plan work out, and Frankie Vargas will be president? Even Olivia seems worried about what will happen, which usually isn’t a good sign. I guess we will have to wait and see… *sigh.*

2. What is Olivia possibly wrong about? This refers to the short clip of Fitz & Olivia fighting about her possibly being wrong… perhaps they are discussing the results of the election? Or is a new scandal in the works?

3. Why, oh why, is Olivia walking through a hospital? I have no suggestions for this one… I just hope that all my gladiators are okay!

4. Does this tender embrace mean that there’s hope for Olivia and Fitz?

5. WHAT JUST BLEW UP??? I’m sure we are all wondering why Quinn and Huck are walking towards an exploding building and what that building is. Does this have to do with Olivia being in a hospital?

6. Is Mellie actually done running for president? Olivia doesn’t seem to think she is, so maybe Mellie is just being her melodramatic self. Perhaps this has something to do with her picking Jake Ballard for VP and Vargas’s choice of Cyrus Beene?


SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! Unfortunately us gladiators still have to suffer through two more Scandal-less months until we find out the answers to these questions. At least it gives us time to prepare ourselves for the so-called “bloodbath” that this season is supposedly going to be!

If you haven’t seen the promo yet, you can watch it here!


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