Reactions We All Have at Bentley

The many emotions we're all sure to encounter at some point or another during our Bentley careers...


When you wake up to 100+ texts from a group chat

When you fall asleep during class

When you’re late to a night bomb

When someone asks, “Why haven’t you done anything today?”

When your voice cracks in class

When you miss lunch plans with friends at LaCava


Stone-cold remorse...

Taking three back-to-back classes

When you decide to take the Smith Stairs instead of the hill

Taking five classes senior year

Scouting out the fastest LaCava checkout line and choosing the wrong one

When you don’t think you need coffee before class

Making plans instead of napping

Taking an 8AM class


Time to celebrate...

When Seasons brought back self-serve

When it’s Burrito Wednesday

When you get a seat on the loop

No classes on Friday!

When it’s Nugget Night at Seasons

When there is a curve on your GB exam

“Attendance is not mandatory”

When you don’t fail your GB112 final

When you turn in an Expos paper


Those very suspect mysteries...

When you’re (for once) not out of breath after climbing the Smith Stairs

When someone doesn’t contribute to a group project

When you don’t know the name of the cute boy sitting next to you in class

When Einstein’s runs out of cinnamon sugar bagels

When someone takes the parking spot you were eyeing

When a professor is nothing like their Rate My Professor reviews

When you thought you got a 42 on the first GB 112 exam but you actually got a 60


Relishing in the victories...

When you and your friends snag a table at LaCava after your 11:00 class gets out

When there’s no line at Einstein’s

When you get that “class is canceled” email

When your lunch schedule lines up with that of your friends

When you receive an email for a package you didn’t know was coming

When you come back from a night out and someone offers you Russo’s

When the elevator opens right as you walk up to it

When your crush finally talks to you

When the express line at Einstein’s finally reopens

When the prof. cold-calls you and you get the answer right

When an underclassman swipes you into Seasons








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