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Quick and Delicious Recipes for College Students in Dorms

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As a college student living in a dorm on a meal plan, there are many times throughout the day when I want a quick snack. However, the stereotypical college snacks like ramen packets, mac and cheese cups, and chips that students live off of need to be changed. We can slightly tweak these foods to taste much better and be less boring. Here are some of the best foods I have come across and how I customize them to be even better…

Kodiak cups 

  • These are the best for a quick snack or meal for college students. They have flapjack, muffin, brownie, and other cup options. They cook in only 60 seconds and make a great breakfast, snack, or dessert. They are low in calories (~270 calories) and high in protein (~12 g). To make them even better, you can add your favorite toppings, like nut butter and chocolate chips.

Mac and cheese – 2 ways 

  • MICROWAVE: Of course, regular microwave cups are suitable — some popular brands are Kraft or Annie’s. A secret tip to make these even better is to 1) add milk instead of water and 2) add more cheese on top. 
  • Homemade option: For a more gourmet chance, you can make mac and cheese by microwaving uncooked pasta, milk, and cheese for a couple of minutes.

Nutella bagels 

  • Bagels are genuinely a staple everyone should have in their dorms, as they are versatile and easy to store. Without a toaster in my dorm, I have had to microwave my bagels which are surprisingly not bad (sorry, New Jersey people). Top these bagels with your favorite spreads like Nutella, nut butter, or anything else to your desire for a lovely breakfast or snack.

Oatmeal… but make it fancy 

  • Whether you like to use the microwavable quick packets or use regular steel-cut oats and make them homemade, oatmeal is the perfect quick meal for college students. But how do we give oatmeal more color and flavor to spice up this bland meal? First, I like to make mine with milk instead of water. Then, I want to mix in cinnamon and top mine with peanut or almond butter, dark chocolate chips, coconut flakes, or chopped nuts. You can also mix brown sugar or maple syrup to sweeten it up or top it with fruit to freshen it up. So ditch the old images you have of oatmeal being a pile of mush — now it can have more flavor, texture, and nutrients.

Homemade spicy ramen noodles recipe

This recipe is a must-try. It is quick, delicious, and much better than the original ramen packet flavoring. You’ll thank me later.


  • Ramen packet 
  • Brown sugar 
  • Soy sauce
  • Siracha


  1. Throw away flavor packet; you won’t need it or miss it
  2. Microwave ramen like usual to cook noodles
  3. Add a teaspoon of brown sugar, a splash of soy sauce, and as much sriracha as you want 
  4. Enjoy!
I am Michaela and I am a first-year at Bentley University. Some of my interests include cooking, skiing, running and painting.
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