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Productivity Tips to Beat Procrastination

The mid-semester stretch may seem overwhelming—but with these five tips, you’ll be able to stay on top of your work and become a productivity pro!


1.)  Make a To-Do List

Think about all the tasks you have for the day, and make a to-do list—prioritizing the most important tasks so you can stay on track in getting things accomplished throughout the day.


2.)  Do Work Earlier, Rather than Later

Saving all of your work until late at night always seems like a good idea in the moment; in reality, if you do work during the day—and in setting other than your dorm room—you’ll be more awake and already in work-mode.


3.)  Avoid Distractions

Though it’s difficult for everyone, put your phone on airplane mode, or put it out of reach while doing your work. Looking at notifications can lead to hours on your phone, and no work will get done during this wasted time.


4.)  Use a Planner

It’s hard to be productive when you don’t know what you need to accomplish. Having a planner and using it can help you keep track of not only the schoolwork you have each day, but also your activities, tests, group meetings, and other commitments. If you use a planner, you can get a better idea of what you need to accomplish throughout each day—and you can also look ahead to stay on top of forthcoming work.


5.)  Find a Place to Study

If you find yourself not getting a lot of work done, part of this could be due to the location in which you choose to study. Sitting in your dorm on your bed, or even at your desk, can put you in a position with many distractions—like getting comfortable and watching Netflix, or even just talking with your roommate. Find a place in the library or a coffee shop on campus to help you focus and want to be more productive—allowing you to get more work done in a shorter period of time.



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Sarah Donlan

Bentley '21

I am currently a senior at Bentley University, majoring in Accounting and minoring in CIS. My favorite articles to write are about makeup as well as productivity tips. 
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