Pinterest Picks: Scrunchie Styles

The ‘80s are back, baby! With the cyclical nature of style, we’re seeing an explosive resurgence in classic ‘80s and ‘90s accessories—most notably, of course, the famed scrunchie. Don’t worry—you don’t need to break out your leg warmers and fanny packs to rock this classic hair look. Keep reading to see our Pinterest Picks of the best scrunchie styles that evoke modern-era Madonna vibes.


Add a scrunchie to your textured top knot to make this simple hairstyle feel more stylish—it’s ideal for second- or third-day hair!


Secure your hair back into a high ponytail to keep your hair off of your face, whether you’re at the gym or a late-night study sesh in the library.


Make a simple braid pop by securing it with a brightly-colored scrunchie, adding a fresh finish.


Channel an Ariana Grande aesthetic by tying your hair into a high half-up/half-down ‘do; this low-maintenance style looks precisely put together, and is achieved with ease.


We have a feeling Princess Jasmine would have rocked this style circa the late-80s. For ultra-thick hair, this bubble ponytail will keep your hair back without the weight (or potential headaches) of a high ponytail.


For the perfect “I woke up like this” hairstyle, tie back beachy waves into a low ponytail and pull some pieces out from either side, creating an effortless, breezy look.


Incorporate a bow scrunchie to add a feminine flair to any hairstyle—this simple accent can completely transform your look!







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