Pinterest Picks: The Groutfit

Ah, the groutfit—it’s the infamous ensemble that’s defining city streetwear. Though the all-gray outfit may occasionally get an unwarrantedly bad rep, style icons everywhere would certainly attest otherwise. The stylistic choice to sport a monochromatic outfit may seem daunting, but the highly versatile look can actually fit anyone’s wardrobe. Here are our Pinterest-approved picks that offer definitive proof that the groutfit, in all its glory, is here to stay.


If you’re hesitant about wearing all-gray everything, incorporate a variety of different shades from charcoal to a lighter wash.

Preppy sans pastels? Yes, please. This all-gray layered look is far more refined than the Vineyard Vines outfits that usually adorn the Bentley campus.

Up the ante on an otherwise casual look by sticking to this singular color palette. Who knew jeans and a t-shirt could make such a statement?

Comprised of a mid-neck sweater and slacks, this mod outfit is city-sophisticated.

When wearing just one color, play with proportions by pairing a fitted skirt with a more voluminous sweater.

Layer on a leather jacket for an ultra-cool look that can take you from the gym right to class.

…And yes, the groutfit is 100% internship-approved.

Pair a groutfit of any kind with your favorite sneaks for an athleisure look that exudes effortless style.

With wide-legged pants and a cape coat, you can practically feel the movement of this striking silhouette.






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