People to Follow on Twitter

Need a laugh or just something to relate to? Here are some Twitter accounts that I personally love and you should take a look at. These are in no particular order.


1. @holy_schnitt

Ellie is so funny and relatable. She usually tweets about her past relationships struggles, or just struggles in general.

2. @MichaelaOkla

Similar to Ellie, Michaela also Tweets about the struggles of being a girl.


3. @CaucasianJames

This account is hilarious but definitely appeals to a certain sense of humor.  



4. @dog_feelings

Calling anyone and everyone that loves dogs. This is one of my favorite accounts!!


5. @CollegeStudent

This account is for all of us. They tweet about what we are all feeling.


6. @yeetztweetz

Another account similar to @CaucasianJames that is worth a try.