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New Netflix Recommendation: ‘Everything Sucks’

Recently I decided on a whim try out the new Netflix original series called Everything Sucks, and was pleasantly surprised to find a really cute new show. The series takes place in the ‘90s and centers around groups of high school students in the school’s AV and drama club.

The series tackles many issues of sexuality, familial issues, friendship, and many more. It’s a coming of age type of show that has both comedic and dramatic moments throughout each episode.  

The main characters all have their individual quirks, and it is almost heartwarming watching them navigate through the different struggles of growing up. You can’t help but start rooting for all the kids to push past their comfort zones and come out of their shells.

So far, there is only one season with 10 episodes, each around 20 minutes long—which makes for a quick binge watch.

So if you are in the mood to watch something light, check out Everything Sucks!





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