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Attention all chocoholics!

For all of you who didn’t know, there is a worldwide chain of storefronts that operate under the name of the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. Max Brenner’s is basically just a “bar” in which they serve delicious decadent treats made with chocolate. Max Brenner aims to create an actual chocolate experience which is reflected in their over-the-top desserts.

Notably for us Bentley students, they have a restaurant on Boylston St. in Boston, MA. 

Max Brenner calls itself a “chocolate love story” and aims to create a new chocolate culture. It allows people to simply indulge in all the happiness that chocolate can bring with desserts such as “fondue for two” and “build-your-own cake.” They have many normal desserts, such as crepes and milkshakes (I’d recommend the chocolate hazelnut shake), but the menu also extends to some pretty strange (but wonderful!) chocolate innovations such as chocolate pizzas and “pasta.”

The store itself kind of reminds you of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the goofy decorations and outlandish desserts.

Not as interested in all the chocolate goodness? No problem. Besides the Chocolate Bar itself, Max Brenner also has restaurants with normal menus where you can choose from a variety of other classic, chocolate-less meals such as salads, burgers, mac and cheese, and more.

Overall, going to Max Brenner is a fun experience if you really want to test your passion for chocolate and possibly find a new favorite dessert!


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