Mainstream No More

It’s easy to fall in love with the most recent Rihanna or Taylor Swift song you hear every morning on your drive to class or blasting at parties on Friday nights, but there are new artists making their way into the scene all the time.  They are tougher to find, but so exciting once you discover that cool new song or amazing voice.  Lucky you, I did the hard work and found some of the up and coming artists you will want to hear!  The best part is, when everyone else also falls in love with their music, you heard it first!

James Bay

With a unique look and a voice to die for, James Bay is a talent to watch out for.  The recent release of his debut album, Chaos And The Calm, is filled with soulful songs that show Bay’s voice capacity, accompanied by incredible guitar acoustics. If you don’t get the chance to check out the whole album, at least be sure to give Let It Go a listen, you will not be disappointed!  If you love him as much as I think you will, you can catch him performing April 30th at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA!

Ryn Weaver

Talk about talent, Ryn Weaver’s sound is one that combines pop with a dynamic voice and incredible backup instrumentals.  She is mostly knows for her single OctaHate, but luckily there is much more where that came from, as she is about deliver her debut album The Fool this June.  In the meantime you can take peek at a few songs that will be on her album including Sail On and Promises!  Once the full album drops, Ryn will be performing at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA this July.

Years &Years            


After releasing several EP’s this past winter, Years & Years have become one of the many electronic pop artists on the rise.  The combination of the three members makes for a great blend of voices and beats.  King and Memo are a few of the songs you have got to check out!


There are also some cool new collaborative singles you won’t want to miss out on!  Gibberish by MAX (feat. Hoodie Allen) and New York Raining by Charles Hamilton (feat. Rita Ora) are two songs with super catchy and fun beats! 



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