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With finals nearly upon us, the last thing we want to do is study! Taking a nap, eating chocolate, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and countless other activities sound much better than suffering through the last exams of the year. However, when you think finals are the worst thing imaginable, just take a look at the items below so you can say, “At least finals are better than…”


Running up the Smith Stairs.

Don’t forget to count how many steps there are.


Justin Bieber.

So 2009.


When Seasons runs out of silverware.

C’mon, I just need a fork…


Sneezing repeatedly in the middle of class.

Ok, you didn’t need to say “Bless you” after the tenth one…


SZA’s performance at Spring Day.

Does anyone like her songs?


Running out of discresh.

But how can I survive the rest of the semester without coffee from Einstein’s?


When you get rejected after finally working up the courage to talk to that cute guy in your class.

Maybe next time.


When the fire alarm goes off at 2:00 am.



Realizing you aren’t going to see your friends for three whole months.

That’s why you have Snapchat though!


Good luck on finals!


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I am a senior at Bentley University with a major in marketing. I plan to go to law school after finishing my undergrad.
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