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How To Throw a St. Patty’s Day Banger

Attention all Falcons: St. Patrick’s Day is coming fast!

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t Irish at all– the only thing that matters is that we’re near Boston, and that’s a good enough excuse to celebrate. In fact, did you know that people of Irish decent form the largest single ethnic group in Boston? *Cue “Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys.* Cheers!!

Step 1: Start your day by getting dressed in your best “Kiss me, I’m (pretending to be) Irish” attire.

Step 2: Throw on some Irish Jig Jams like this festive playlist from Spotify.

Step 3: Whip up some themed food dishes, like this Guinness Soup recipe or Lucky Charm Rice Crispy Treats!

Step 4: Start mixing some green cocktails (or mocktails, depending on age and preference). There are some cool recipes out there, like this list including Green Beer! And for enjoyers of the mocktail: try these!

Step 5: Gather all your friends and enjoy!

Step 6 (Optional): Muster up all your strength after the real St. Paddy’s Day to make it to the parade in Boston! Here’s all the info: http://southbostonparade.org/.

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