How to React When: He Invites You Over

We’ve all been there, waiting for THE text. It can be a bit nerve racking, but it’s what we want. If this is his first time texting you to come over, here is how you should react.


1. Scream

This is exciting and you have to let it all out so don’t be afraid to just scream.



2. Get ready!!

Brush your teeth, do your makeup, calm yourself down to mentally get prepared; do everything you need to make sure that you are ready to go out.



3. Pick out the right outfit

Pick something that you are comfortable in. You don’t want to be wearing something that isn’t comfy or something you don’t like because you’ll just be thinking more about your outfit than him.



4. Have the confidence and go visit him

Confidence is key. I wrote an article about some new ways you should look at life and confidence was included. You should check it out here if you want to see some other ideas on how you can improve your 2019.


5. After minutes of stalling (and debating if you’re actually going to go) just go and finally knock on the door.

You’re already ready and now are just debating if you really want to go. If you already texted him saying you are coming over, then you can’t back out now. Just go over already and stop overthinking.


6. When you can finally celebrate because you made it.

Congrats! You had the courage and finally made it to his room!


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