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How to React When: He Doesn’t Text You Back

This happens to the best of us. One second you are texting him and the next your conversation comes to a standstill. Here are some steps to get you through this tough time.


1. Scream!

You should know the drill by now.

2. Don’t overthink it.

He might not have seen the text. Maybe he fell asleep. If he doesn’t respond to your text it’s really not a big deal.3. Don’t double (or triple) text.

Double texting is complicated. This really depends on the situation because sometimes double texting is ok. It truly depends on how the conversation has been in the past. If you both have double texted then do it but do not do a triple text because this could be seen as being annoying. If double texting is not present in your conversation at all, do not start now.

4. Use sarcasm.

When you see him in person bring it up, but playfully so no feelings get hurt. This will lead him to remember to respond next time.

5. Don’t blame yourself.

When he doesn't text you back, this is the time that your mind will start to play games on you and you will often blame yourself. Don’t. It may be helpful to look at the conversation as a whole. Did he start the convo? Was he interested and then just fell off the Earth? In these situations, do not over think it. He honestly probably fell asleep. Or were you carrying the entire conversation? Maybe the conversation was meant to end.

6. Don’t over analyze.

Look at the last couple of texts. Was he interested or were you carrying the entire conversation? He might not have responded because there was nothing else to say. The conversation might have been destined to end.

7. Next time make the first move.

There is nothing wrong with making the first move. It shows that you are interested and want to talk to him.

If this is your second time reading this article and you have made the first move multiple times and he still isn’t texting back, it may be time to move on.


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