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Business school isn’t like other colleges. Sometimes it’s hard to figure it out, especially when you’re trying to flirt. Here are some flirting tips to help you succeed while navigating Bentley’s business school life.


1)  Add him on LinkedIn.

Everything in the business world is about the connections you make, both personal and professional. This is an easy way to get on his radar. Additionally, you can also send them messages congratulating them on their accomplishments.


2)  Get them to tutor you, or you tutor them.

I actually have some experience with this with Brad (if you don’t know who he is, check out this article). You don’t have to act dumb—simply show up to the study session with some questions. This also is a really good way to see him in person and throw in some flirty comments.

3)  Join an org that they are in—as long as you're also interested in that org.

If it is a business organization, there probably won’t be as many girls as there are guys (AKA the Bentley ratio). This is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. If you’re ever looking to start a conversation, you can always bring up events happening in the org, or volunteer to work an event together. 

4)  Ask to borrow a financial calculator.

If you are in class with them and want to start up a conversation, try asking to borrow a calculator. You can then continue the conversation about class. Plus, if you ever have to pick partners for a project, feel free to ask him! This will only lead to more time spent together, and can make the dreaded GB group projects more bearable.


5)  Ask if they want to go to a networking event with you.

As I mentioned above, business is all about who you know. Networking events are great opportunities to meet other professionals, but they’re often very nerve wracking. Bring a friend (AKA your special boo) and meet other people together. Plus, your special boo will look extra fancy in their business clothes.

6)  Ask him to look over your resume.

First of all, it’s always good to get a second opinion on your resume. Might as well hit two birds with one stone and ask your crush to look it over. It will also work to impress your crush with your accomplishments, and give you a chance to talk. 

7)  Enter a case competition with them.

Bentley has their Business Bowl every year, which is the perfect opportunity to work collaboratively with your crush and accomplish something together. It is an experience you two will always remember, and you can always enter again the next year!




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