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How This $30 Investment Could Improve Your Life at College During a Pandemic

As a freshman currently enrolled at Bentley University, the start of my first semester of college was definitely not what I was expecting; I’m sure many other current freshmen in college can relate. Due to the pandemic, I’m bored most of the day and usually don’t do much on the weekends other than hang out with my few close friends. So how could $30 possibly make this pandemic any easier, you may be asking? Well, I took to Amazon and purchased a wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone and had it delivered right to Bentley. This $30 microphone has made my life at Bentley Zoomiversity much more enjoyable, and I think it can improve your college experience as well.

1. It’s not just a microphone 

You’re not just buying a microphone when you purchase this superior piece of karaoke equipment. Not only does it amplify your voice like any other microphone, it is also a speaker that can connect to your phone through bluetooth. You can use this feature to play the karaoke versions of your favorite songs and perform a solo or play the original version and sing along. Not a great singer? Adjust the microphone to turn down your voice, turn up the music and let the recording do most of the work. Are you an extremely talented vocalist? Do the opposite and turn up your voice so everyone can hear! 

2. Something to do with friends 

Being responsible during the pandemic means staying in and limiting social interactions. This microphone could be a great option for when you and your roomie are bored and need something fun to do. Not into singing? Use the microphone as a prop, make some funny content and end up on millions of For You Pages across the world. You can’t tell me you’ve never wanted to go viral on TikTok. 

3. Make new friends 

The microphone is always a great conversation starter and can help get you out of your comfort zone. Throw a mask on, and walk around campus with a few friends. Introduce yourself to people, ask them funny questions or interview them. Not only is this fun but you could end up making new friends while being safe and socially distant. The microphone can even help you to communicate better with someone whose mask is muffling their voice. 

4. Let Your Emotions Out 

College can be very stressful when classes start to pile up and homesickness starts to hit. We all need a way to let out our emotions and relieve some stress. In my opinion, the karaoke microphone is a perfect solution. Sing your heart out to your favorite feel good tunes and let your emotions run free, but not during quiet hours of course.


There are so many ways to cure your boredom safely during this pandemic and buying a $30 karaoke microphone may not be your first thought. It might seem silly, but I know that this microphone has given me life the past few weeks. I encourage everyone to consider investing in one!

Alexa Greco

Bentley '24

First year student at Bentley Major currently undecided
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