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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

It’s time to break out your cat ears and sharpen your claws. The 2016 presidential debates may be over, but here at Her Campus we’re just getting started. For some, Halloween is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for others the haunted houses and clowning around are just too much to handle. Introducing your candidates for our own Halloween (black) cat fight… Blake and Sarah. They might both be members of Her Campus, but they definitely don’t have the same stance on All Hallows Eve. See Blake’s and Sarah’s platforms on the core (Halloween) issues below.

Opening Statements

Blake: First off, I’d just like to thank everyone for tuning in. It’s an honor serving the readers of the Her Campus community. To me, Halloween is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a chance for self-expression and joyful memories to be made. I have childhood memories of elaborate costumes, decorations, parties, and spooktacular sweets to fondly look back upon. Now, in my late teens, Halloween is more of a day (or weekend) to party it up with my friends, something I also enjoy. Anyway, let’s get to the issues.

Sarah: It’s a pleasure to be here. While I’m sure many won’t take the same stance as I do on Halloween, I feel pretty strongly that the absence of the “holiday” will MAKE OCTOBER 31st GREAT AGAIN.   

On Costumes

Blake: I absolutely love dressing up! I think the process of choosing what to be (something I start contemplating months in advance), is so fun! I personally love to make my own costumes. I can’t really sew, so I usually look towards duct tape and other alternative methods. Even if you don’t completely make your own costumes, I still think putting things together from stuff you find around your room is better than just going with store bought stuff. So basically, don’t be lame and wear a “costume not found” shirt or something of that nature.

Sarah: Lots of people start planning Halloween costumes months in advance, end up spending WAY too much money, only wear them once, and then never wear them again. Even DIY costumes require you to spend some amount of cash and hours of cutting, gluing, sewing, tying, etc. I’m sure costumes can in some cases be an opportunity to “express yourself” in ways you can’t on any average day, but I sincerely doubt a minion wearing a crop top is who you truly are inside.

On Candy

Blake: This might surprise you, but I’m not a huge candy person. But I love chocolate! The whole culture of candy around Halloween isn’t really about what kind of candy you like, though, it’s about the trick or treating!

Sarah: I have a sweet tooth for SURE, and as a little kid, you can bet candy was one of the only things I actually liked about Halloween. If your parents are like mine, though, you know how long it took for them to go through the overflowing plastic jack-o’-lantern bucket to make sure that none of it was tampered with, while their favorite candies started to mysteriously disappear. Then, there goes the bucket into a hard to reach place to make sure we didn’t overdose on sugar.

On Scariness

Blake: I’m obsessed with decorating for Halloween. My dorm room is decked out for the holiday. I don’t think it’s necessarily how scary you go, but more so how festive. I do really want to go to some haunted houses or haunted hayrides though!

Sarah: When I was like 10, I was chased down the street by a bunch of clowns after passing a haunted house, so don’t even get me started on all the creepy clown sightings recently. I’m sure plenty of hooligans will be inspired by the clowning around this Halloween, so it’s probably for the best if I just lock myself in my room.

On Movies

Blake: The classics all the way, and by that I mean Hocus Pocus and movies of that nature. I’m not super into horror or slasher-type movies, but I love a good Halloween classic. So grab your pillowcase full of loot and scoot up to the TV for some great Halloween DCOMs.

Sarah: I enjoy the thrill of a scary movie every once in awhile, and I can agree with my opponent that Hocus Pocus is definitely a classic. But I will NEVER forgive Disney Channel for casting a new Marnie in the last Halloweentown movie.   

Closing Statements

Blake: Halloween is a time that children and young adults can be whoever they want to be, from their favorite popstar to a hamburger. Freedom of expression is what our country was founded on, and therefore vote pro-Halloween on October 31st. Remember, demons are a ghoul’s best friend!

Sarah: Halloween is a made-up holiday and requires way too much effort and preparation for one day a year. It would be perfectly okay with me if it was just another average day. Happy October 31st everyone!

You’ve heard the candidates on the issues, now make sure to cast your vote on October 31st!


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