Emma Onanian and Allison Weed, '20

Meet the dynamic duo of Oak 211. Emma and Allison may have gone random with the roommate search, but they sure seem to have a lot in common.


The Basics:

Name: Emma Onanian

Hometown: Bridgewater, MA

Graduation Year: 2020


Name: Allison Weed

Hometown: Wethersfield, CT

Graduation Year: 2020


Going Deeper:

Her Campus Bentley: What is one thing that your roommate always says?

Emma: Alllright

Allison: Ruum. That’s not how you say room.


HCB: What is your favorite thing to do with your roommate?

Emma: Late night real talk at 3 AM

Allison: Having Emma and Allison’s bagel and study session in the group study rooms of the library after our morning classes.


HCB: What is your roommate’s nickname?

Emma: Allie, but she hates it.

Allison: Gemma, because she’s a gem.


HCB: What is your roommate’s biggest pet peeve about you?

Emma: My humming

Allison: I never finish my stories and claim that I forget them.


HCB: What is the one thing that your roommate always borrows from you?

Emma: My shirts and Twix

Allison: Tide To Go

HCB: What is your roommate's favorite color?

Emma: Blue

Allison: Green


HCB: Is your roommate a morning person or a night person?

Emma: Night. Allison looks like a zombie in the morning.

Allison: Night


HCB: What is your roommate’s birthday?

Emma: March 17…? NO, no, no, it’s the 7th, right? Is it the 7th??? ...(It’s March 7th)

Allison: Oh no, I know this! July 10th…? 12th? 10th!! ...(It’s July 10th)


HCB Who is the messier roommate?

Emma: I feel like we’re messier in different ways. Your desk is neater than mine. I have more stuff.

Allison: I think I’m messier by a little bit, but we’re about the same.


HCB: Who wakes up earlier?

Emma: Me…well, in the winter, you, because I can’t get out of bed.

Allison: Me during the week, and Emma on the weekend.


HCB: Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Emma: ME!

Allison: Emma


HCB: What is your roommate’s planned major?

Emma: Marketing

Allison: Undecided/Marketing/in Emma’s words has “no idea”


HCB: What is your roommate’s favorite movie?

Emma: Princess Diaries or Parent Trap

Allison: Fantastic Mr. Fox


HCB: TV show?

Emma: Friends. OH, Parks and Rec!

Allison: I literally have no idea… Modern Family? Project Runway…?


HCB: What is your roommate’s favorite thing to eat at The 921 (Seasons)?

Emma: Sweet potato fries? Chocolate soft serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles IN A CONE!

Allison: Chicken quesadilla night on Friday

HCB: What is your roommate’s favorite ice cream flavor?

Emma: Chocolate!

Allison: Pistachio, but only when it’s green


HCB: What is one thing your roommate is obsessed with?

Emma: Funrun and chocolate. She plays Funrun for hours.

Allison: Clothes, shoes, especially socks... she has a jar of fun, printed socks.


HCB: What is something that you love about your roommate?

Emma: I feel like I can talk to her about anything.

Allison: She writes sweet notes to me on post-its and leaves them on my desk.