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It has been about two months now that I have been required to wear a walking boot because I broke my foot having a little too much fun dancing with my friends (clearly I have two left feet, but the left foot is the one that’s healthy!) It has been quite an experience, but I do not recommend it to anyone else. Here are the ups and downs of having an injury.


  • The police will drive you anywhere and everywhere if you give them a call
  • It’s a small campus, a lot of people will be willing to help you around and be extra nice
  • You get a lot of attention (if you like that, I am personally a fan)
  • You can trauma-bond with other people you know in boots or who have had them


  • The times when the police aren’t used, walking is an absolute pain on this hilly, stair-filled campus
  • Too many people will want to know the story, and it gets tiring to say the same thing over thirty times a day, especially when the story is a tad embarrassing
  • Not all the buildings have elevators, which is rough visiting a friend on the fourth floor of Boylston
  • You become known as the “girl with the boot”
  • Going to on-campus events with a lot of people can get really tiring when standing for a while and seeing everyone else be fine while you just need to sit with a bag of ice

I encourage you to make good decisions and keep all your bones intact!

Hi! I'm a current sophomore at Bentley and I am majoring in marketing. I love Gilmore Girls, self-care/wellness, dogs, and so much more :)