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Having an internship while being a college student may sound overwhelming, but it is so exciting! I am a social media intern for BootyPop – a garment company that provides a product that accentuates your bum in different apparel like jeans and dresses. But first, I would love to tell you why I chose this internship and how I ran into this opportunity. On a random weekend, I was scrolling through the different job postings in my email, and I came across BootyPop. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, but all I knew was it was a part of the fashion industry and I had to find out more. After I investigated it, I discovered it was a line of undergarments that accentuates your bum, and I became even more curious. I realized that this company is more than just a padded panty that boosts your buttocks – it boosts your confidence! It empowers a woman’s choice on how they want to appear and if they want to pay thousands for a butt-lift or have a product that can easily do the same thing. Pop culture has emphasized body positivity and it’s been promoted all over social media, and when I saw this product, I was a bit skeptical until I realized the mission of this company. Body positivity is about women deciding what they want to do with their body for themselves, to be confident no matter what cosmetic work they choose to do or products they choose to buy. What is important is that women be confident in their clothes and be proud of their assets.

Now, I’d love to take you guys behind the scenes of a typical day as a social media intern for BootyPop. To begin my day, I meet with the CEO and co-founder of BootyPop, Susan Bloomstone, via zoom or phone to discuss schedules and deadlines for Instagram posts and other ideas to promote the brand. After the meeting, I begin brainstorming Instagram ideas and ways I can present the product to our audience. This is the most nerve-wracking part. Coming up with ideas that will appeal to an audience and the boss approves can be a bit intimidating, especially when I am a perfectionist and want the job to be done right. Luckily, I have friends and colleagues around me that will provide me feedback on my ideas, with their help it eases some of my nerves. Then, I take various pictures and videos and present them to Susan in our next meeting. Amidst those pictures, I create graphics with different quotes to post on BootyPop’s Instagram as filler options to make our Instagram aesthetically pleasing.

This may all seem easy because posting pictures is something we do every day, but now there is a purpose behind it. Finding the perfect post that will attract new customers for a brand is more difficult than posting for ourselves, but it’s so fun putting your ideas and creativity to the test! 

A piece of advice to boost your confidence: if there is an opportunity, explore it further – especially in an industry that you are passionate about like I did in fashion.

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Nubya Filho

Bentley '24

Hey, Y'all! My name is Nubya, I am a sophomore at Bentley and am majoring in marketing with a minor in global management! My favorite things to do are reading, hiking, and traveling.
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