The Case of the Missing Chicken Nuggets

Bentley classes have been in session for approximately 4 weeks. This means that students have begun their daily routine—which primarily consists of group meetings, studying/completing homework, and, of course, going to the dining hall.


The dining hall has made some serious changes, which includes steak tips, crab/lobster rangoons, a pasta toss station, and chicken tempura. The 921 also has an app which tells the students what is being served for each meal. The app, called Bite, (which can be downloaded from the App Store) is very informative when it comes to the decision about whether you should use discretionary or go to the dining hall.


But do you know what has been missing on the menu for the past 4 weeks?

Yup, the beloved Chicken Nugget Night!


The school week is very rigorous, and one thing that kept my friends and I sane was going to the weekly Chicken Nugget Night on Thursday. Now, every time we check the menu, we are very disappointed to see that chicken nuggets have not been scheduled for the past 4 weeks. This being said, we plea to the campus dining services: please bring back the missing chicken nuggets.



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