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The Best Things About Ending the Semester

The end of semester comes with a lot of feelings: anxiety because you’re stressed about finals, sadness because you’re leaving your friends, and excitement because you can’t wait for summer. All these feelings can be really overwhelming at the end of a long school year, making you dread this end-of-the-semester craziness. However, there are still a lot of good things to look forward to at the end of the semester! Here are some of my favorites!


Reuniting with Friends and Family from Home

My favorite part about the end of the semester is getting to move back home to live with my family. After months away at school, I get really homesick – even though my campus is only 30 minutes away from my house! I miss eating breakfast with my mom, watching TV with my dad, and going on walks with my dog. Once the semester is over and I move out of my dorm, I can’t wait to start doing all these things again! I also love going back home to see all my friends from high school! My closest friends live in Rhode Island and Connecticut during the school year, so we love going home during the summer to catch up and hangout!


No More Dining Hall Food

I get really tired of dining hall food really fast. Sure, there’s a lot of options and variety, but nothing beats a home cooked meal. I can’t wait to move back home and have family dinners with my parents. I really miss my mom’s homemade Asian food – a cuisine that is definitely lacking from my college campus. I also find it a lot easier to eat healthier when I am living at home since I am surrounded by less tempting options. Because of this, I can’t wait to go home and start fueling my body with some more nutritious choices!


Finals “Energy”

Finals “energy” is one of my favorite aspects about the end of the semester. Finals season is always crazy – everyone is pulling all nighters to prepare for their exams while also trying to cram in their last lunch and dinner dates with their college friends! Things are super chaotic but almost fun at the same time! The library is usually open 24 hours a day during finals week and people are forming study groups all over campus while also sharing study guides and study tips. During finals week, everyone is on the same wavelength, making it easy to bond with others. You can bond over your classes, your professors, and your exams! Because of this crazy atmosphere, I find finals week almost fun because of the energy it creates on campus!


Being One Step Closer to Graduating

One final thing that I love about the end of the semester is how it signals that you are one year closer to graduating! College is undoubtedly hard, and sometimes I find myself taking a break during hours of homework, wondering how I am going to make it through three more years of this. However, once you turn in your last exam, project, and paper, this means that you are finally done with the year! It’s crazy to think how by the end of the month, I will officially be done with my freshman year of college – that’s a quarter of my college career! Therefore, the end of the semester always makes me realize how fast time flies and makes me appreciate the time I have left to make more memories at college!


I hope these ideas made you a little more excited for the end of the semester. Of course it can be sad to leave your college friends and also stressful to start studying for exams, but there is still so much to look forward to when wrapping up the school year. It’s really important to stay positive during these crazy times, so while you’re studying for finals, don’t forget that good times are just around the corner!

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