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Bentley’s Cutest Couple: Khadkga & Nayan

Walking by Argo Tea, I can’t help but smile as I catch sight of my favorite couple on campus. Khadkga and Nayan have been working at Argo Tea since it opened up at Bentley two years ago, and prior to that they had already worked for a year at Russo’s in the Student Center. They enjoy working together. When asked about it, Khadkga comments, “It’s okay,” with a light hearted chuckle. They have known each other and been married for 42 years. In their hometown in Nepal, they lived on the same block. “My mom and dad talked to her mom and dad, and they agreed,” Khadkga says, explaining how their arranged marriage came to be. “And it worked out!” Nayan replies, smiling at her husband.

They now live in Somerville, very far away from their home in Nepal. The couple love to travel, and they try to return to Nepal each summer. They have been as far away as Germany and Hong Kong in their travels, and one of their favorite places that they’ve visited is Tokyo, Japan. Despite working together and having been married for so long, Khadkga and Nayan are still very much devoted to each other, making every trip to Argo a beautiful insight into their love.

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