All the Products on the Market You Need to Survive Finals

With the ever-dreaded Finals Week in full-force, here are some go-to products to make the hours of studying more bearable.



By now, everyone on campus basically has the plague—preemptively save yourself!


Mask of Magnaminty by Lush

It’s tingly and minty and makes your face feel amazing. Highly recommend.



For all your GB headache needs.



For when you just can’t take the pressure anymore, and succumb to a cathartic crying break. Happens to the best of us.


Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

It is the elixir of the gods and don’t let any Starbucks groupies tell you differently.



For when you just need a Gilmore Girls break to calm your frayed nerves about all the projects, papers, and exams you need to complete in the next 4 hours.



It’s important to make time for yourself to exercise because it’s a really helpful way to release tension and stress. If you need to study at the gym, just bring flashcards and walk on the treadmill. Multitasking!


Hot Cocoa

Nothing screams “The Holidays!” like a nice cup of hot chocolate. Also, it’s a form of chocolate, so what’s there not to love?


Relaxation and Nature Playlists on Spotify

When you can’t shut your brain off because of finals stress, these playlists can help calm your mind enough to get those ZZZs you need.


Day Planner

These can help keep you organized on what’s due when; they are the most underrated life-savers in the Bentley Bookstore.



Who doesn’t love a little chocolate, am I right?





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