The Advice I Wish I’d Gotten as a Freshman Registering for the First Time

Here is a list of everything I wish someone had told me when I was a freshman registering for the first time. As a senior who has just done her last class registration, I have been through it all and this is what I've learned along the way!


1. Be aware that you have intensives to fulfill (Diversity, Communication and International) through certain classes that must be completed by graduation. So, when registering for classes look for the D, I, or C in the description and make sure you complete these intensives as you go through Bentley’s courses over the years.

2. Have at least four or five back-up schedules set up in case you don’t get the classes you initially hoped for. Registration is basically the Hunger Games, so don’t get scared if you don’t get your top classes or professors. If you need help, Academic Services is always available to you as a resource.

3. Be awake and alert about 20-30 minutes before your registration time to make sure your classes aren’t closed out yet, and if they are, this gives you enough time to make a some adjustments to your schedule. 

4. If you are looking to study abroad, make sure to create an academic plan as soon as possible so you can enjoy your semester abroad! Academic Services is more than willing to help with this and the sooner you get a jump on it, the better!

5. Degree works is an online forum where you can check your progress and see what other classes you need in order to be on time for graduation.

6. Electives are really great to leave for semesters abroad or last semester senior year. If you don’t want intense course loads in a different country or when you have serious Senioritis, leave some electives for when you need them.

7. Take courses you’re not super interested in at another school, during the summer, or during a long break like winter break, as they’re typically easier than those at Bentley. For example, taking Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at a university closer to you or online might be easier than taking these courses, which are typically harder, at Bentley.

8. Remember to breathe and relax. Registration is one of the most stressful times of the year, but there are plenty of people at Bentley who want to help and lots of resources who can assist with any problem. Everyone here wants to see you succeed and live your best personal and academic life at Bentley!

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