Adam Levesque ‘20

Adam Levesque is a freshman from Bristol, Connecticut. On campus, he is a part of Bentley Democrats, the Health and Fitness Club, and the Non-Profit Society. He is planning double-majoring in Global Studies and Business Studies, with a minor in Chinese—talk about a triple threat! His interests include running and watching Netflix, and he is an avid chickpea enthusiast.


Her Campus Bentley: Describe yourself in three words

Adam: Really great time

HCB: Any secret talents?

AL: Double jointed—I can wiggle my ears

HCB: What would be your dream job?

AL: To be famous for doing nothing, like the Kardashians

HCB: Most embarrassing memory so far?

AL: Falling face-first down the Smith stairs

HCB: Favorite song?

AL: “I Mean It” by G-Eazy

HCB: Favorite restaurant and go-to order?

AL: The Cheesecake Factory—Get ready for this, the chicken enchiladas with rice and corn, followed by some lemon raspberry cheesecake.

HCB: Favorite Netflix show?

AL: Parks and Recreation or Friends

HCB: Cats or dogs?

AL: Cats! All the cats. Every cat. I love cats! And dogs are okay too.


HCB: Are you planning on studying abroad?

AL: Yes—in Shanghai, China!

HCB: Why would you choose this place?

AL: I want to learn Chinese, and the food is delicious!

HCB: What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Bentley thus far?

AL: Is it cliché to say Chinese?

HCB: Relationship Status?

AL: LLP: a Limited Liability Partnership…aka single

HCB: Any last words?

AL: Follow me on Instagram @adamlevesque