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The 8 Questions We Need Answered by the Gilmore Girls Revival

1. Do Luke and Lorelai ultimately wind up together and/or get married?

2. Does Rory end up with Dean, Logan, or Jess, or someone new altogether?

3. Why is Kirk having Friday Night Dinner with Emily in the trailer?? (V confused).

4. How is Emily dealing with Richard’s death? (Peep the episode where she makes Richard promise her that she can go first). (Rest in peace, Edward Herrmann).

5. Does Rory work at Chilton now, or was she just visiting in the trailer?

6. Is Taylor Doose still annoying as ever?

7. Is Rory still friends with Paris and Lane?

8. And now for the real question: Would Amy Schumer actually be friends with Lorelai despite all of the water sports?

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