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5 Ways to Relieve Stress During Finals

We are all working hard during final exam preparation, so it is super important to take time for ourselves to recharge and reboot. There are many ways to do this, so here are 5 examples! Make sure to invite your friends to join you, or take time alone just to relax and reflect. Surrounding yourself with friends is a great way to relieve stress, but “me time” is just as important!


1. Give yourself a “spa day”

Okay, maybe you don’t have time to do this all day. But there’s nothing like a little self-pampering! Paint your nails (or go get them done), buy a charcoal exfoliating scrub for an extra-long shower, or indulge in a mud mask while laying in bed to refresh your skin!2. Get active!

It is super important to exercise, and it will help you lessen your stress and increase endorphins! Whether it’s taking a spin class or practicing yoga outside, this is a great mental and physical break to take for yourself each day.

3. Cook something yummy

Some people find baking and cooking to be a great stress reliever. Take a break with a trip to the store to pick up some fresh ingredients. Indulge in a sweet treat, or make something healthy- good food = good mood!

4. Talk with friends

This is SUPER easy, natural, and important. Spending time to just talk with and listen to friends can be very therapeutic. Let each other vent, laugh, and just enjoy the presence of one another.

5. Take a day trip!

Hop in the car (or take a short walk) and go on a mini adventure! Whether it’s a trip to the shopping outlets or hiking up Prospect Hill to an amazing view, there’s always going to be something fun and new to experience.

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