5 of the Best Disney Channel Halloween Episodes

It’s almost Halloween, which makes me think back to all the amazing Disney Channel Halloween episodes that we used to watch. Growing up, these specials were one of my favorite parts about Halloween (and we all know that these were some of the best episodes of the series). From spooky hauntings to spells gone awry, drop what you are doing and reminisce with me as I describe some of the best Disney Channel Halloween episodes that will definitely take you back to your childhood.

1. Lizzie McGuire: Night Of The Day Of The Dead

Lizzie McGuire was definitely my favorite show growing up. In this episode, Kate is in charge of organizing the school’s big Halloween party. When Miranda decorates with some ancestral skeleton decorations, Kate makes fun of them. Suddenly, spooky things begin to happen…

2. Hannah Montana: Torn Between Two Hannahs

Who could forget Miley’s twin cousin Luanne from Tennessee? At first, Luanne acted innocent. Just when Miley was giving her a chance, she tried to sabotage Miley by dressing like Hannah with the plan to expose Miley’s secret.

3. Phil of the Future: Halloween

Debbie is an evil cyborg in this episode, wreaking havoc in Pickford. Phil and Keely are left to save Halloween, and they do so by following the sound of a drum beat along to the words “work, work, work.”

4. That’s So Raven: Don’t Have a Cow

Raven was always getting herself into trouble, and in this Halloween episode, Chelsea and she play around with an old magic spell book in hopes that it will inspire the best costumes ideas. Unfortunately, the spell goes very wrong, and they turn themselves into cows. Not quite the costumes they were expecting.

5. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Ghost in Suite 613

Personally, this was one of my favorite Halloween episodes ever. When the twins find out that one of the suites in the hotel is haunted, Zack dares Cody to sleep there overnight. They then bet each other who will last the longest in the room.


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