4 Reasons You Need to Watch Grey's Anatomy

The first episode of Grey’s Anatomy was aired on March 27, 2005, and it is a TV drama currently still running on CBS with 17 seasons. Ever since this show was released, it was a major hit, and it grew an enormous following over the years. I am a self-proclaimed Grey’s superfan and have seen all the episodes to date, multiple times. Due to the season 17 premiere coming out just a couple months ago, I thought it was appropriate to write this article addressing why the show is a must watch for anyone who has not yet seen the masterpiece that is Grey’s Anatomy.


1. Character development

It is obvious to say that because Meredith is the main character, her development would be most important; but along with Meredith, her co-stars have an enormous amount of character development that truly makes the show great. We see some characters start off being very annoying, yet they turn out to be our favorites seasons later. Others start out as favorites, and then we start to see a different side of them, from interns to Residents to Attendings. Who will make it through the trials and tribulations of being a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital and will they even make it out alive?

2. Intertwined relationships

Relationships in the show don’t tend to be a strong suit for any of the characters, and it definitely shows. Everyone knows everyone and is most likely in a relationship with someone else at the hospital. Lets just say the on-call rooms aren't usually used for sleeping.

3. Interesting medical cases

I personally learn a lot from the show because it is like growing as an intern with the characters. I find myself understanding the terms doctors use whether it’s in another TV show or my real doctor talking to me or a family member. At one point during a psychology class I was taking, we were learning about the different types of brain scans and what each is for. I was already familiar with many of the terms we went over. Although Grey’s is obviously not filming real surgeries or actual surgeons, the writers have real doctors by their side in order to portray the medical cases and surgeries as accurately as possible. But please do not mistake yourself for a surgeon after watching!

4. Dramatic plot lines

Starting from Season 1, Episode 1, Shonda Rhimes (creator of the show) has never disappointed to shock her audience with multiple twists every season. In the world of Grey’s Anatomy, no one is safe, and you can never predict the future. The different plot lines are always filled with drama and leave you wanting more at the end of each episode. You will find yourself binge watching Grey’s in no time.