20 Safe Dating Ideas for COVID 19

During this challenging time of a pandemic, it isn't easy shifting back to a regular dating scene. When you're meeting new people, it is hard to know if they are staying safe and following CDC guidelines such as social distancing and wearing a mask around others. It is also hard to find safe places to go out when many activities and events are limited. The big question is, how do people date safely in this environment we are in today? 


Throughout the quarantine experience, I witnessed my friends go on virtual zoom dates with people they matched with on dating apps, such as Tinder. Since the world is slowly beginning to open back up again, I advise using those dating apps to get to know others first, such as message them often, FaceTime them, or even set up "Netflix Party" dates online. Then, once you both are comfortable with one another, you discuss the hard part - deciding what to do and what is open during a pandemic. Luckily, you can tell your special someone you got your date ideas, all 20 of them, from Marissa Adamo. 


Virtual Dating Ideas 


Learn a New Hobby

Research new hobbies online and start them together. Learn how to play an instrument, cook, or learn how to play a video game. 


Netflix Party

A fun way to make you feel like you are in the movie theater with your significant other because they are also watching the same movie as you, but online. 


Workout Together

Find someone who posts exercise videos on YouTube and workout together! 


Virtual Date with Friends 

Play Pictionary together or play "minute to win it" games with another couple or happy hour. 


Plan Future Activities Together

Book tickets to go to the next concert, research vacation ideas, make camping plans for the fall, and so on. Whatever makes you both excited about your future together - make the plans that you cannot do now for when you can later. 


Indoor Dating Ideas


Perfect a Recipe Together 

Create a recipe as simple as a dip and make it the most delicious dip in the world together. 


Chopped Challenge Cooking Competition 

Challenge: you can only use the ingredients you have in your house to make an elaborate dish.


Movie Marathon Night!

Movies with sequels spice the date up. Watch all the twilight sagas or the hunger games movies without stopping! Or watch an entire season together of a show. 


Video Game Marathon 

My personal favorite is the original Wii Sports resort. Start a friendly competition over Wii Sports Tennis. 


Taste Testing party

Purchase several different cookies, ice cream, cheese, chocolate, or whatever theme you both desire and rank them. Or order the same type of food from various restaurants and taste test that!


Outdoor Dating Ideas


Go on a bike, run or walk together

Set goals together. Suppose you want to aim for a 5k; train for it! If you are going to bike for three miles nonstop, practice together. 


Cruise (go on long adventurous car rides) 

Try driving without any GPS guiding you to your end destination. Blast some music, roll the windows down, and discover new parts of the word together. 


Volunteer together 

Go to a food pantry, donate food, or make food for those that need it. Volunteer at a local church or help someone next door. During this time, it is essential to be there for the people in our community who need support with all the unfortunate economic losses experienced by the pandemic.