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10 Responses You’ll Have After Updating Snapchat

Just this past week, Snapchat rolled out a huge new update—and the redesign was immediately followed by major criticism from dedicated users of the app. News of this backlash caused many people to swear off updating the app, favoring the original design instead. Unfortunately for some, others woke up to the horror of Snap having automatically updated in their sleep (tragic, truly). After hearing from my roommates and friends about how much they hated Snapchat’s new “confusing” features, I swore to myself that I would avoid the updates section of the App Store like the plague until Snapchat fixed this mess. But, for the purposes of ~research~, I broke my own promise…and had immediate regrets. For those of you lucky enough to have a Snapchat unscathed by the new changes, here is just what it’s like to use the new app.

1.)  When Snapchat updates automatically, after you swore you’d never let that happen

2.)  Realizing that there isn’t a stories page anymore

3.)  Trying to re-watch a story

4.)  Snapchatting someone who isn’t one of your best friends…

5.)  Looking for the Cosmo Snap story

6.)  Finding out that the chronological order of stories is completely gone

7.)  Now that Bitmojis are front and center, you realize yours needs a serious update

8.)  On the bright side, there are a bunch of new fonts to try out

9.)  Now after viewing a story, the app tells you the last time you snapped that person

10.)  Longing for the Snapchat design of yesteryear…





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