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10 Pickup Lines Heard at Bentley University 2.0

  1. “I’m in a frat.”

  2. “I go down faster than Enron.”

  3. “I’ve got plenty of swipes to The 921… let me take you on a romantic date of French fries and omelets.”

  4. “I’ll break into the Jennison Renovation for you and write our names in concrete so we can be a part of history together.”

  5. “I would swim across the Bentley pond to be with you.”

  6. “Are you paratus tonight?”

  7. “Baby, are you the Smith Stairs? Because you take my breath away.”

  8. “Do you like to get Wendy’s after Joes? ‘Cause you are going to love when deez nugs slap your face.”

  9. *Points to X on hand at Garcia Brogans* “Looks like X marks the spot, mind if I dig for treasure?”

  10. “Hey girl, if you think the Jennison renovation is long, just wait until you see what’s in my pants.”

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