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10 Moods of Second Semester Senior Year

As graduation continues to approach, here are some moods that second semester seniors are sure to have while we enjoy our last few months before real life begins!

1. Anytime someone says “this is our last first…”2. Realizing you still need to do work for the next three months in order to graduate, but being unable to motivate yourself to do anything.3. Looking through stores and finding yourself checking out clothes saying “Oh, this would be cute for work.”4. Realizing how young the freshmen look to you now and thinking, “I never looked this young freshman year.” I did. We all did.

5. Trying to soak up the Bentley gym that is free and, at most, an 8-minute walk from any building.

6. Realizing you’re not going to have Fridays off anymore after May 18th.

7. Being peer-pressured to go out every weekend by your friends because “It’s our last semester!”

8. Accepting the fact that you must start to take off the hibernation weight and get ready for that Bahamas bod.

9. Taking advantage of every moment of living with your best friends one last time before the real world hits.10. Still getting asked “So, are you a freshman?” as a second semester senior.

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