What's It Like to be a Greek Prez?

Are you considering rushing? Or are you already in a sorority and wanting to get more involved? Maybe be on the executive committee? Well you’re in the right place. This week, I had the chance to interview the lovely Lexie McCarty, the president of Phi Mu at Belmont. She provided some insight into what it's like to be chapter president and how it has shaped her college experience. Here's what she had to say.


What’s the best thing about being the president of your sorority?

Getting to know the girls in the chapter on a deeper level and be there for them when sometimes no one else is or can be! I’ve learned so much about individual girls' lives from their lowest to their highest moments, and I have loved being able to intercede for them when necessary and be there for them this year!


What’s the time commitment like? 

Not gonna lie, I think about Phi Mu constantly. I always say “Phi Mu never sleeps,” and it’s true. I will wake up to texts at 7 a.m. regarding Phi Mu things and can still be texting about various things needed to be done until 2 a.m. It’s hard to run an organization of over 100 women and lead 13 executive members plus appointed positions. There are always lots of questions to be asked, and I have definitely learned how to delegate! I would say aside from texting, I probably could log about 30 hours a week I devote to Phi Mu.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned while in this position?

The hardest lesson I’ve learned during this experience is how to be loving but firm. I have a huge heart for people and people are my passion, so I am always trying to do what I can to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of. But another huge part of my role is enforcing the bylaws and rules of our chapter which were put in place to build our sisterhood. We have to follow national standards, so sometimes I have to have the hard confrontational conversations that no one wants to have, which I think is the hardest part because I hate telling people no. 

Do you feel that being president will benefit you in your future post-grad?

Being president is already benefiting me and preparing me for post-grad life! I graduate in August of next year and I have made so many memorable connections with administration and staff as well as fellow students in different organizations at Belmont. Add my Phi Mu advisors who live in the greater Nashville area and the women at Phi Mu headquarters whom I’ve been lucky enough to work with, and countless other Phi Mu women who I’ve gotten the chance to meet through attending Phi Mu Leadership Institute, Officer Academy and Phi Mu Convention! What I have noticed is that although our Phi Mu chapter and Belmont Greek life is already a huge community, tje overall Greek community is way bigger and more diverse and there are always connections to be made. I have also been to several interviews where I have been offered the position solely because I told them about my leadership positions that I’ve held in Phi Mu, which is amazing! 

Last, do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become president of their sorority?

My biggest advice is that there are many great things about being president, but prepare for the things that aren’t going to be great. Dealing with membership changes, girls who don’t submit forms on time, and general behavioral issues can get petty and draining and they are just really not fun. But, your position isn’t founded on how much fun you are going to have. It is first and foremost a service position. Only go into it with the mindset of you are wanting to benefit and help the chapter grow into something more than it was before and to help build everyone up through that ideal. If not, you’re going to get lost in the shuffle of the things that are harder and more tiring to deal with. 

So, whether you are simply curious about the tireless work of Greek life leaders, or are interested in becoming one yourself, remember that it is a wonderful opportunity that also comes with great responsibility! 

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