Ways to Unwind Before Midterms

Ready or not, here they come! Midterms are right around the corner, and your hours are about to be filled with cramming. With the stress of preparing for exams, it’s important to take some time daily to relax and focus on yourself—below are a few ways to keep yourself sane.

1.Step outside. 

A change of scenery can work miracles on a mid-studying trance! Take a walk and come back to your books, or bring them with you to relocate your studying. If you’re feeling social, invite your friends—they probably need a break, too. 

2. Call your mom.

Or anyone, really. Take a half hour and communicate with someone else besides your inner monologue. It’ll either serve as a fantastic distraction, or well-needed venting session. Your brain cells will thank you. 

3. Plan rewards!

Set goals, and keep them. Finish a study guide? Go to your favorite nearby food spot and grab a snack! If you’re not into food bribes, give yourself some time doing something you’d rather be doing. 

4. For every hour, take fifteen minutes off. 

Maintaining a healthy brain during midterms week can be difficult, so make sure you don’t take on too much all at once; it’s important to create time intervals so you can recall the information you studied better. 

5. Breathe!!

Take a step back and center yourself. This week won’t last forever, and your hard work will pay off, as long as you make sure you’re staying healthy and responsible in your studying habits.  

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