Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is a organization here in Nashville that works with women who are survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. It provides the women with housing, gives them a strong community, and prepares them to become financially independent. Their Magdalene residential program serves up to 32 women, but provides many more through referrals and advocacy programs. The 32 participants in this program are connected to therapy services, education programs, and are given time and support to process what they have gone through. It is a program for females only. 

Thistle Farms was founded by Becca Stevens in 1997. In the very beginning, it consisted of only 5 women who were survivors. Now, it has grown to include almost seven times that number. Thistle Farms has more than 40 sister communities around the globe and their global market employs more than 1,800 women worldwide. Their belief is that love is the most important catalyst for change. 

Thistle Farms sells goods of all varieties, including beauty products, home decor, books, and children's gifts. They also have a cafe here in Nashville that you can visit. Their goods are natural, handmade, and hand-packaged with their logo, "Love Heals Every Body", printed on the label. This is an organization that is doing great things in our community! You can help support them by purchasing their products, or donating financially or with your time here

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