Things To Do As You Prepare For A Job After College

As you approach the end of your college career you become faced with the task of finding a job. While this is something that is often daunting and maybe even a little scary, the idea of starting your career and putting your college degree to use can also be very exciting. In hopes that we all find jobs that we love, here are some helpful hints on what you can do to prepare yourself for work after college.   

Take another look at your resume: I am sure that during your time at college you have had to use your resume a few times, but now is the time to make sure that it is professional and up to date. Businesses want to see what you have done during your time at college and what differentiates you from other candidates. Make sure your resume exemplifies what makes you unique and why an organization should hire you.

Helpful hint: A great way to help you “jazz” up your resume is by using Canva. While a lot of the resume templates on the website are probably a little too flamboyant for most job applications, pick out a subtle accent that will make your resume look clean and professional.

Start your job search: You may or may not have already started doing this. If you have, keep up the good work. If you haven’t, now is the time to start. If you aren’t ready to apply for jobs just yet, that’s ok. Just start looking around at what types of positions are available and get a feel for what you might be looking for in the near future.

Conduct a little research: Once you’ve looked around at all of the different jobs that are out there and have narrowed your search, start researching the companies and positions you plan on applying for. Going into an interview with some background information about what the company culture is like and what the organization does might help you feel more at ease during the interview process. It will also show those interviewing you that you’ve done your research and really care about the job.

Go shopping: If you are like me, your college wardrobe has consisted of sweatshirts, leggings, and sneakers. When thinking about going into a job interview, you really have no idea what you’d wear. Take this as an excuse to go treat yourself to a new blazer and a pair of cute new shoes!

Reflect and find talking points: Find an opportunity to sit down and reflect on all that you have learned in college and/or your previous work experience. What are some of the projects that have really challenged you? What are some principles or ideas that have really stuck with you throughout your time in college? What course work has contributed to your growth as a person? Think about these things and find ways you might apply these things to a future career. It never hurts to go over your strengths and weaknesses so when you go into an interview, you already have some talking points planned out.  

Good luck out there! You've got this! 

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