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Starting Fresh After Winter Break

Winter break is a time of rest, family, friends, celebrations, and not thinking about school. It is a blissful few weeks where assignments aren’t due, deadlines aren’t creeping in the back of your head, and stress is pretty much absent. But when school resumes so quickly after the New Year’s celebrations end, it can be stressful and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way for long.

Be excited about your new classes. These are classes that you wanted to take or needed to take, so be excited to meet new classmates and professors. It’s exciting to experience that first day of school feeling again.

Take your homework one day at a time. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with stress and completing all your workload into one day. Divide your work into fragments and sections and complete those daily; do not wait until the last minute to write a paper. That will only add stress.

Try to workout a few times a week. Exercising is the best way to relieve stress, feel healthier, and maybe fulfill a New Year’s resolution to exercise more often. Exercising has been proven to have not just physical benefits, but mental as well.

It can be hard after winter break to be away from your loved ones who you were just with for so long. I know I was very sad driving away from my family the day I came back to Nashville. But just remember, if you can get through the first semester, you can get through the second. Your family is still just a phone call away and the new semester is an exciting time to make new friends, join new clubs, and better yourself. Happy 2019!

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Annie Kerr

Belmont '22

Hi, I'm Annie! I'm from Oklahoma City and I am majoring in English at Belmont University in Nashville! I hope to become a writer or publisher in the future. Some of my favorite things include cats, Christmas, rainy days, books, and romantic comedies!
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