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Spotify Session: Rachelle Clousing

Name: Rachelle Clousing

Hometown: Chicago, IL Year: Junior Major (and minor if you have one): Music Therapy, Psychology Role at Her Campus: Editor in Chief, Campus Correspondent

What is your favorite genre?

Indie Folk

What types of songs are on your top 20 list?

I really like songs that make me feel or make me not able to sit still. For example, I have to get up and dance when AJR comes on. 

How has your music taste changed over the years?

I used to be really into indie folk and while that’s still my favorite, I also listen to indie pop and moved away from mainstream music more. I also really enjoy musical theater and rap music, so I’m kind of all over the place haha. 

Describe the best concert that you’ve ever been to.

The best concert I have ever been to is probably AJR at the Cannery. They came to Nashville last February and I went with my roommate. It was a ton of fun because they put on such a good show incorporating visuals along with their music. A lot of their music was live as well, meaning that they didn’t rely on tracks while they were performing. You could also just tell that they were having fun which made everyone have fun. 

What do you listen to when you drive?

When I drive I like to listen to songs that I can dance to or sing with, or podcasts about unsolved mysteries. 

What do you like to listen to when you study?

When I study I like to listen to instrumental piano music, because if I listen to songs that I know I get too distracted because I’ll want to sing along. 

What was the first concert you remember going to?

My first concert I remember is Carrie Underwood! It was a present for my birthday when I was younger. 

If you could meet any artist for coffee, who would it be and why?

I think I would want to meet up with PEABOD because his music contains so much joy and he seems like he's really nice and funny.  

What upcoming album/new release/new band has you excited?

This isn’t upcoming but Maggie Rogers released her new music awhile ago and I am living for it! It's such a great album and it's cool to see how far she's come from when I first started listening to her music. 

Listen to Rachelle's playlist here on Spotify. 

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Rachelle is a junior at Belmont University. She is studying music therapy and has a minor in psychology and hopes to work in hospice someday. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, learning new musical instruments, and spending time with friends. 
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